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Shrink Yourself

Shrink Yourself is an adult development self help program that puts an end to Emotional Eating and cures you of your obsession with food! 

Your habits of overeating and binging will no longer control you, as you develop a new perspective on the childhood dynamics and patterns from your past. 

Every person has their own story to tell, and it's the new interpretation of that story that will set you free. 

Our interactive and personalized process will help you revise the outdated "rules" that unconsciously sabotage your best efforts. 

Not only will you have a new sense of comfort and control with regards to food, but you will find that all other areas of your life will flourish from your new center of acceptance and personal power.

Pocket Hunger Coach

The Pocket Hunger Coach will help you:
  • Identify the feelings that trigger your hunger and tempt you to overeat.
  • Discover a better option that won't leave you guilty and overweight.
  • Turn your temptation into a treat that satisfies your mind and body.

Each time you use the Pocket Hunger Coach you'll be stopping a craving which will build your self-esteem and enable you to control your weight for good.


Friction in every relationship is inevitable from time-to-time. Sometimes you will feel pressured to do something; or have a disagreement about something that is not easily resolved; or not like the way someone treats you or responds to you; or the way they behave.

It may be anyone: a spouse, a partner, a teacher, a boss, a parent or a sibling.

An honest talk is the best way to handle these bumps in the road. GetAlong will help you think it through before you talk it through. After you have initially formulated what you want to say, you can review and add more nuance until you are ready, and the time is right.

Having an honest conversation about an emotionally charged issue requires certain skills. Be better at it is the part of the program that helps you sharpen those skills. You'll need to remind yourself frequently of what you need to do until it becomes habitual. GetAlong will help you do that.