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The research on over 20,000 people, including seven separate studies, has proved that our programs are safe and effective. The most recent study conducted independently by Kaiser Permanente and U.C.L.A. finds that each session has the same effect as a session with an experienced therapist.

A UCLA / Kaiser study finds the TLP to be a powerful Self Help tool.

Subjects in both groups showed a significant decrease in depression, anxiety and perceived stress at the end of treatment. The frequency and severity of symptoms reported by subjects in both groups significantly declined at the end of the program. At the six-month follow-up, patients in both groups experienced a slight regression, but were still significantly improved from their pre-treatment conditions. Differences between the two groups was minimal.

“In conclusion, although many clinicians have assumed that using a tool in therapy is ineffective at best, and have argued that patients would find it objectionable, the present empirical investigation suggests that at least one form of computer-assisted psychotherapy, TLP, is no less clinically effective or less acceptable that state-of-the-art, short-term cognitive-behavioral therapy conducted by experienced clinicians.”

Sharon Dolezol-Wood, Ph.D., Kaiser March 1995

Interactive software is an efficient method of gathering information and enhancing patient participation. As an excellent wellness and prevention program it can offset medical costs. 

Dr. Marion Jacobs, UCLA March 1995

ACTION STEPS from individuals that completed 10 sessions of the TLP:

I want to accept myself and realize I don't have to be perfect to be loved and accepted. I can do that by taking one day at a time and doing the best I can and giving myself credit for what I do accomplish.

I intend to say NO if I don't want to do something or feel I can't do what someone else wants. I've tried to care for and help everyone else all my life. Now I need the care, help, consideration and understanding from others and myself!!

I need to trust in myself, take responsibilities for my actions, be a mature self sufficient adult and let go of the past and go on with my life...

I intend to do a personal inventory on myself in the form of a collage, focusing on the positive aspects of my life as well as the negative. I also intend to follow that up with a written inventory that is thorough and honest.

I need to let my father know that I respect his opinion but that I have my own, to tell him that I have my own needs and wants, and that I want us to take a fresh start at building an open and deep relationship.

I plan to prove to my family that I want to continue my life without alcohol. I want to talk more in group about my insecurities so that I can learn to deal with them better.

Each day I will set aside an hour to do an activity for me. Choosing one from a list of exercise, fun or relaxation. This will start to help me feel better about myself. Three times a week, I'll choose from the exercise list.

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