Interactive Self Help Software

When was the last time you had a good conversation with a computer?

Through careful guided thinking, the software helps people make subtle distinctions and transform slippery thoughts and feelings into valuable pieces of information. 

The program captures and converts this powerful imagery into a coherent printout that the user can hold on to and think about.

A Proprietary Methodology for Self-reflective Dialogue

The interactive “conversations” software sessions are based on a tried and tested clinical therapy model and methodology that simulates the probing, highly-personalized interaction that occurs in a therapist’s office. 

The user sees his or her own thought process, in his or her own language, externalized on the computer screen. This is a unique, compelling, and highly personal experience.

It is well documented that this type of interactive computer-based conversation promotes honest and open dialog as people tend to reveal more sensitive or embarrassing material to a computer than to a human interviewer or therapist.

This powerful dialog helps bring the source of an individual’s problem into focus as a solvable problem, which is an important piece of psychological work necessary to regain health and well being.