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"The challenge of adapting to change throughout the life cycle provides us with the opportunity to refine our critical thinking abilities and achieve our full adult potential."

- Roger Gould, M.D.

I started my academic psychiatric career as the head of the U.C.L.A. outpatient and community psychiatry department. 

That’s where my lifelong focus on adult development began.

I have written papers and textbook chapters as well as a book on the changing patterns and preoccupations during the adult years.

I refined my model of adult development, as I incorporated theories of adulthood into my clinical research and practice with both individuals and large groups.

I was honored by the Smithsonian as the leading pioneer in computer-assisted therapy because I integrated adult development life cycle conversations into computer learning programs.

In order to stay mentally healthy we all have to solve personal problems on a daily basis.

When we get behind, problems build up, and we become distressed. Hence our interactive software programs are about understanding situations, gaining insights, exploring options and taking actions.

By incorporating the results from these experiences, we overcome our self doubts and increase our self confidence and pride.

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